Todd Garland: Episode 8 (@toddo)

Todd Garland, founder and CEO of BuySellAds, talks about how his company is changing the way advertisers buy ad placements and the way content publishers sell those placements. Nick and Todd start with an in-depth discussion of BuySellAds, the mechanism that the website uses to ease the exchange between buyers and sellers, and Todd’s inspiration for starting BuySellAds.

Todd explains how BuySellAds got started, the reaction they received from venture capital firms during their first year of existence, and how the ad network is rapidly growing as the model becomes more popular. He also discusses the power of new hardware like smartphones and the iPad to drive significant traffic to niche websites dedicated to them, and how that is creating an ever-widening marketplace for ads.

Todd also talks about the importance of context. At some point, he says, it’s worth throwing out the algorithms and really looking at each placement to make sure it fits with your brand image and messaging. A site about Photoshop is always going to be a site about Photoshop regardless of keywords.

About BuySellAds

BuySellAds was created to simplify the process of buying and selling ads. A publisher offers a placement at a certain rate and the buyer can either take it or not. By eliminating the negotiation process, BuySellAds has made it easy for websites with any level of traffic and buyers with any size budget to find each other. The interface for buyers allows them to find exactly the placement they want. Sites can be sorted by the type of content on the site, rank, average number of impressions, ad size, and price.

BuySellAds offers guidance to both advertisers and publishers, making it easy for both to maximize revenues. They know their inventory and are prepared to advise on the best placements. Flash ads aren’t allowed, both because of the potential for malicious code and because experience has shown him that the static ads are usually better designed, less intrusive, and tend to work better.

About the Show Hosted and created by Nick Goggans (@ngoggans), 20on5 invites media innovators to sit down for a 20 minute conversation on topics surrounding media including advertising, analytics, innovation, startups, and communication.

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