Mohamad Ali: Episode 12 (@mhsali)

Mohamad Ali, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy at Avaya and also a Board Member at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council talks about the forces that fuel innovation.

He begins by discussing the ecosystems that foster innovation and spawn successful  startups. He talks about the relationship between large and small companies in those ecosystems and how the interactions are actually critical for the growth of those small businesses. The large businesses provide inspiration and end up being a critical part of the mix.

Mohamad and Nick delve into the factors that make Boston a center for innovation, those that have existed since its founding and led to such revolutions as the founding of this country, and others that have developed over time. There are vast resources and a strong spirit of innovation in Boston and Mohamad and MassTLC have been putting a lot of brainpower behind figuring out how to foster that and encourage even more growth in IT, health, robotics, cleantech, and other industries which are predicted to grow over the next decade.

About MassTLC

The Mass Technology Leadership Council, Inc. is the only business association that addresses the critical leadership issues of innovative technology and technology-enabled companies. The organization is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting the success of companies that develop and deploy technology across industry sectors through educational programs, industry events, sponsored research, advocating for technology policies that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and competition, and recognizing industry-leading companies and people.

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