Judah Phillips: Episode 5 (@judah)

Judah Phillips, Senior Director, Global Site Analytics at Monster Worldwide, and host of Web Analytics Wednesdays talks about web analytics– what it is, what it’s used for, and how it is done today.

He discusses what makes a good online interface and the importance of having appropriate, easily accessible, annotated data. Judah says that a reporting tool or interface should be built based on the questions that need to be answered (to start with the goals, and build the tool around it). Then the discussion moves onto the strengths and weaknesses of Google Analytics as well as the trend towards applications being able to do more and more in one place.

About Judah

Judah is responsible for generating actionable insights on user behavior from the web data for Monster’s global properties. Prior to Monster, Judah was the Director of Web Analytics at Reed Business – a global provider of information products and services. He has held various other positions during his career in Internet and software technology. Judah has been a contributing member of industry organizations such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Web Analytics Association (WAA). A former blogger for Web Analytics Demystified, he is a contributing writer for MediaPost’s Metrics Insider, and host of the Boston Web Analytics Wednesday since 2006.

  • Skelly25

    best video to date

  • PB

    Smart guy.

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