Bobbie Carlton: Episode 10 (@BobbieC)

Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Mass Innovation Nights (@massinno), Director of Carlton PR and Marketing, Director of Marketing for AMS Accounting Management Solutions and Tyler Place Resorts in Vermont, talks about some of the exciting things happening at Mass Innovation Nights and the evolving world of PR.

She discusses the evolution of Mass Innovation Nights, co-founded with Danny Englander of High Rock Media, and how they used social media to create a big event on an extremely tight budget.

Bobbie also describes how much the world of PR has changed as the internet has tilted the balance of power in favor of individuals who now have the power to broadcast on potentially the same scale as big companies with more precision than on any other media channel. She talks about the upswing in entrepreneurship that events like MIN and others are fostering and finishes with a prediction for the event’s growth and influence over the next few years.

About Mass Innovation Nights

Mass Innovation Nights connect Massachusetts-based innovators with the marketplace using social media. The monthly Launch Parties and networking events are FREE for everyone — companies and guests alike. All they ask is that guests help spread the word about cool new products they see at the events. Blog, Tweet (#MIN), Facebook, LinkedIn or tell a neighbor or a friend (yes, in person, you know, talking…)

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