Bettina Hein: Episode 9 (@bettinahein)

Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO of Pixability (@pixability), talks about the rapidly-decreasing cost of producing videos and how digital has drastically changed the landscape for business video and how her company is making it easy for anyone to make a polished video to promote their business.

She says that video is the best way to leverage the trust that the public particularly has for small businesses. According to Bettina, research shows that 71% of Americans trust in the small businesses where they buy, while at the same time they put very little trust in the US Congress.

Bettina also talks about how video editing isn’t necessarily something that anyone can do without lots of practice, so her company has created a service that makes it the absolute easiest and most cost-effective process possible.

About Pixability

Pixability makes it exceedingly simple to create effective videos for business. They send you a camera, you shoot what you want, and they’ll edit it. It’s affordable and and there is plenty of data to show that video is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience.

  • joanZ

    Business video … its the new way to really engage the potential customer.

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