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About 20onFive 20onFive is an interview-based show created by Lytiks Founder and President Nick Goggans (@ngoggans). 20onFive invites media innovators to sit down for a 20 minute conversation on topics surrounding media including advertising, analytics, innovation, startups, and communication.

Mohamad Ali: Episode 12 (@mhsali)

Mohamad Ali, SVP Corporate Development & Strategy at Avaya talks about the forces of innovation, particularly in and around Boston.

Richard Banfield: Episode 11 (@freshtilledsoil)

Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, talks about designing user experiences

Bobbie Carlton: Episode 10 (@BobbieC)

Bobbie Carlton talks about the evolution of Mass Innovation Nights and describes how the internet has dramatically changed the world of PR

Bettina Hein: Episode 9 (@bettinahein)

Bettina Hein talks about the changing landscape of business video

Todd Garland: Episode 8 (@toddo)

Todd Garland, founder and CEO of BuySellAds, talks about how his company is changing the world of online advertising.

Dmitry Yurchenko: Episode 7 (@dyurchenko)

Dmitry Yurchenko, founder of AdOffer, talks about his company and the state of entrepreurship in Russia.

Jennifer Fremont-Smith: Episode 6 (@jfremontsmith)

Jennifer Fremont Smith of the High Start group talks about how to bring SaaS solutions to the SMB market.

Judah Phillips: Episode 5 (@judah)

Judah Phillips talks about web analytics– what it is, what it’s used for, and how it is done today.

Kiki Mills: Episode 4 (@kikimills)

Kiki Mills discusses her inspiration for Future M and the implications for Boston and marketing

Phil Sawyer: Episode 3 (@pwsawyer)

Phil Sawyer discusses his deep experience in studying advertising effectiveness